October 28, 2010

Ivan - Colored

Here is the latest update on the Ivan drawing. Over the last few days I had a little bit of time to finish up the colors. I thought i'd add in a floor texture once i was done coloring and got a little carried away. Adding in a tiled floor texture ended up being a few hours of layering textures and lighting. This was fun project to work on.

As mentioned before this guy is part of a monthly theme over at Atomic Cardboard. Check it out and if you are interested in participating in the monthly theme send myself or one of the members and e-mail and we can add you to the list of contributors.

This is an image of my WIP coloring.

Here is the finished piece!

This image is a detail shot of the finished art.

Update: In case anyone is interested, I made a quick rundown of my coloring steps and posted them on my website mindsize.us. I don't go into any details but it does give a general overview into the process. I hope it's helpful to someone.

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  1. Nice Asher! I love the detail on the finish! It looks a little like graphite but not.