May 16, 2012

ICO - Pencils

Owen and I just beat ICO a few days ago. Even though the game is now 11 years old it was still a fantastic adventure. Owen was very attached to both the boy and the girl he sets out to save. Poor kid cried at the end when the characters were separated and you had to leave the girl behind.

Here are the pencils though to a drawing of the boy from ICO. I have been working on this for a long time. It's been hard to find a solid block of time to really finish much. As you can see I still have work to do before the pencils are even really done.

Oh and if you look, I have a small thumbnail above the main image. I always start my drawings by doing a series of thumbnails, no matter how basic the thumbnail might be. This helps me get the overview of the pose before I start dealing with the complexities of the characters anatomy.

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