January 06, 2013

Heavy Run

So, I'm trying to re-learn how to animate in Maya. It's so awkward to get back into. I've been using Photoshop so much that getting back into navigating with the alt key and in 3 dimensions is taking a while to get proficient at.

Anyway, here is a super ruff run cycle. There is some bad popping and the up and down body motion is too floaty (the push from the legs isn't making the body bob correctly) but I needed to bully my way through this and now I'll start fresh and do another one. 

I'm hoping to do some kind of quick action or cycle on a weekly basis. Depending on how these turn out I may post more.

**edit: not sure how to make the embedded video loop... you get the idea though.


  1. It's tough to really understand this without looping- maybe render out 3 or 4 cycles, or create an animated gif. If these are exercises for critique you may want to do a straight up ortho side view, plus I really want to view this frame by frame. Maybe even post stills of the key frames.

    I hear you though on the hot key issue, which becomes really crazy when doing textures :) Back in the day I ended up remapping my 2D to act more like my 3D.

  2. I'm working on another cycle this weekend... guess that's today seeing how it's Sunday night now. Anyway, when i save out the next animation i'll spend some time and see if i can figure out how to get the video to loop.