July 27, 2015

Blocking Out

3D is so much fun!! The jeep, and now the larger scene I'm working on, are based on concept art by Paul Robertson. Here is a look at the concept piece and the rough layout I've started blocking out. The next element that I'm going to tackle is the truck.


  1. Looking good, I'm gonna follow this one :)

    This is Blender correct? have you seen the looptools and bsurfaces addons yet? They should be installed already, but not activated yet. They may help your workflow

  2. Yup, I've been working in Blender to create these models. I'll definitely check out those plugins.

    Right now I'm still just trying to grasp the very basics of modeling. My geometry is a mess. I have faces crashing into each other and edges that are all over the place. Once I have the basics down, then I'll start branching out more. There are a lot of complexities to modeling (but it's so much fun to learn). Can't wait to do more this weekend.